Download the zipped sources of my thesis here. There is a README file in there with some more information on how to use this format for your own thesis (please, please send me an email if you do that!), but here are some highlights of what I did...

Typographical and TeXnical features of my thesis



I took care to make draft mode useful. Here is a version compiled with draftmode on.


I include the generated figure files in the zip file (merged-pso.pdf, merged-pso-bwdk.pdf, figinput.tex), but if you want to see how they are produced, the raw files are there also...


I heavily edited the bibliography style file I used, to support the features I wanted


I used a few tricks to get pretty equations. I made use of the mathtools and amsmath packages. Search the sources for:


I use the same source to generate several versions of the document.

Packages with responsive authors

The authors of these packages released new versions of their packages with bugfixes, enhancements, or compatibility fixes, in response to issues I noticed while writing my thesis. I am very grateful to them....

Missing features

There are some features I tried to include, but failed... --

Happy TeXing,


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